Eric Anderton

Eric Anderton

Proven Experience

Eric Anderton has more than two decades of career and entrepreneurial business experience, alongside 25 years of public speaking, small group facilitation and one-on-one mentoring.

Since 2004 he has helped his construction clients increase profitability by clarifying their business purpose, building strategic plans, developing their best people, systematically innovating through obstacles, and executing their most important priorities.

Eric Anderton is a trusted leadership advisor, executive mentor and expert meeting facilitator to construction companies that range in annual revenue from $5m-$1B.Since 2004 he has helped his clients increase profitability by building clear strategic plans, developing their best people, and executing their most important priorities.

A Mentor to Millennials

Eric has over 15 years of experience mentoring Millennials and has a clear understanding of the differences between them and other generations, and what it takes to attract, develop and retain the best.

Timeless Insights

He has a BA in History and has spent almost 30 years studying ancient and modern history, leadership and strategic principles.

He knows that technology changes and empires rise and fall, but the fears, frustrations, desires and aspirations of humanity remain the same.

Practical Wisdom for Your Business Success

Eric’s talks and workshops are packed with inspiring insights and practical tools to help you be a profitable leader, build a profitable business and live a profitable life.

You'll be excited to dive into the material he presents and you'll come away eager to take your company to the next level.

Leadership Keynote - The Construction Leaders Dashboard: A Powerful Tool to Help You Maximize Your Leadership Impact

The Construction Leaders Dashboard is one of the simplest and yet most powerful tools for leaders in construction companies of all sizes.

It will empower you to:

  • Focus on what matters, so that you spend your time doing the things that have the most impact
  • Make sure that everyone in the organization is aligned, accountable, and contributing equally to the company's growth and success
  • Attract, develop, and retain future leaders who can continue to move the organization forward

Construction companies use this tool to get clear on strategic priorities, recruit new field and office talent who are aligned with the mission and values of the firm, and as a development planning tool to develop the next generation of leaders.

Learning Objectives

How to gain clarity about your vision, mission, values, strategic edge, critical initiatives, key metrics, important relationships and development opportunities

Who Should Attend?

  • Construction Company Owners
  • Executives
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