Ed Mavy

Senior Tax Manager

Professional Experience

Ed joined CliftonLarsonAllen as a signing director in January 2017 when GALLINA LLP joined the firm. He began his career in accounting after graduating from California State University, Sacramento. In addition, Ed received his Master’s Degree in Taxation from Golden Gate University. He focuses on closely held companies in the real estate and construction industries.

Technical experience

·       Construction

·       Real estate

·       Professional services

Education/professional involvement

·      Bachelor’s Degree from California StateUniversity, Sacramento

·      Master’s Degree in Taxation from Golden GateUniversity

·       AmericanInstitute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), member

·      California Society of Certified PublicAccountants (CalCPA), member

Why Can't We All Get Along? Transformative Tax Accounting vs New GAAP

A tax-planner’s perspective on how recently changed tax accounting methods present new opportunities and complexities while new GAAP accounting for revenue and leasing simultaneously emerge. A mixture of evolving and colliding accounting systems (and legislative proposals) confront the construction industry. Look for an intriguing discussion of tax accounting methods and legislative developments that challenge traditional practices of book vs tax recognition and deferral. In a new landscape of accounting strategies, GAAP is only the beginning.

Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate how new GAAP revenue recognition challenges tax accounting
  • Understand and use exemptions to PCM for taxable income reduction
  • Recognize new hot topics for contractor tax deferral and exemption
  • Gain perspective on evolving state tax issues for construction
  • Identify new and developing tax legislation in a superheated Washington atmosphere

Who should attend

CFOs and business owners engaged in long term construction contracting

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