Chemene Phillips


In 2002, Chemene had a vision to help companies build their brand story through the right combination of long term business strategy, applicable technology and effective design techniques. She put together a team in various marketing specialties to create a full service branding firm and hasn't looked back. She specializes in helping business owners and staff in effective business growth strategies and communication methods. Her “no-nonsense” approach and passion for achieving results, helps companies increase brand awareness, engagement and talent attraction. Chemene and her team work closely with their clients nationwide to deliver effective solutions that position them to win in the marketplace. Through identification of long term business objectives and developing techniques to help clients set themselves apart from their competition, they have successfully helped professional service firms and A/E/C companies nationwide grow their brand, attract the right prospects, and stay top of mind with their audience. The end result is effective solutions that produce long term relationships, successful project endings and sustainable company growth.

Creating a Revenue Generation Model From the Office to the Field.

There have been significant changes in the construction industry over the last decade. While relationships and reputation are still critical to success, the competitive landscape in hiring and company awareness has caused new challenges with growth of the digital age. Effective branding & marketing is no longer something companies in the AEC industry can just talk about implementing, it has become a strategic investment that has a substantial impact on the company bottom line. Marketing departments cannot be left to just promote the company based on assumptions, they must work with sales, HR, finance and field to effectively establish campaigns that accomplish business objectives and keep the customer experience on brand at all levels from initial contact to project close.

Learning Objectives

  1. Create a Revenue Generation Model that spans multiple departments
  2. Increase lifetime value of customers and retain employees through credibility, reputation, awareness, and leadership initiatives
  3. Improve corporate valuation through marketing, branding and hiring initiatives
  4. Pursue growth strategies and open opportunities in new markets
  5. Redefine marketing from a cost center to a strategic investment.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone involved in company growth and the customer experience including finance, HR, marketing, sales, and field leadership.
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